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Don't Panic: The Truth About Population

Watch Don't Panic: The Truth About Population on BBC Select

The world’s population stands at 7 billion and growing. We face huge challenges in terms of food and resources. But as superstar Swedish statistician Hans Rosling reveals, any dread we feel about this is out of date.

Birth rates are falling, poverty and hunger can be eradicated and climate change avoided. If you need an injection of optimistic entertainment, this is it. This is how we fix the future.

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness

Stream Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness on BBC Select

What can the great philosophers of the past teach us about navigating the modern world? Do their theories, thoughts and works apply to us today and, if we follow their teachings, will they make us happier, more well-rounded individuals?

British philosopher Alain de Botton looks at the ideas of six thinkers who have influenced history and uses them to tackle problems that plague all of our lives.

Don't Panic: How to End Poverty in 15 Years

Watch Don't Panic: How to End Poverty in 15 Years on BBC Select

836 million people live in extreme poverty in the world. It’s a stark figure that most people accept as an unfortunate and unavoidable situation. But is it really?

Before a dazzling backdrop of bubble graphs and projections, Swedish rockstar statistician Professor Hans Rosling shows that allowing poverty to continue is a choice, not a given, and details the steps we can take to end it in this thought-provoking documentary.

This show is not currently available on BBC Select but browse through the previous titles for more Big thinking documentaries available to stream on BBC Select.