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The Billionaires Who Made Our World

They are the tech giants that have completely changed the way we live our lives. How we shop, work, communicate and socialize.This fascinating documentary series gets under the skin of billionaires Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. How did they get started, what drives them to succeed and what do they think about the impact they have had on the world?

Elon Musk's Twitter Storm

Elon Musk Twitter Storm

When one of the world’s richest men bought Twitter, almost everything there changed. Thousands of staff were fired, and users previously banned for breaking Twitter’s rules were reinstated. This fascinating documentary shows how Elon Musk’s ownership is transforming one of the world’s most influential social media platforms. Insiders reveal how hate and misogyny are thriving under the new owner.

Billion Dollar Downfall

Billion Dollar Downfall

He was welcomed at the White House, met billionaires like Bill Gates and counted celebrities as his friends. Now he faces 291 years in jail. Silent since his 2019 arrest, tycoon Arif Naqvi is now seen and heard for the first time. He called himself the ‘flag carrier of impact investing’, claiming you can get rich while doing good. Then he was accused of fraud and racketeering. What went wrong?

Bill Gates: The Billionaires That Made Our World

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was the man who revolutionized tech. As a businessman, he was considered both visionary and ruthless. Then a remarkable transformation took place, and he began a mission to save the world. This fascinating documentary sets out to discover what makes this tech titan tick. Why did he swap business for philanthropy, and can he really make the world a better place?

Brunel: Building a Great Britain

Brunel: Building A Great Britain

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the British civil engineer, is considered one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history. He was responsible for such astonishing feats as steamship travel across the Atlantic, building the first tunnel under a major river and constructing docks, harbors and bridges. His designs helped Britain to expand and grow as the powerhouse of the world.

EP 1: Building to Success

Charting the early years of the engineer described as ‘the man who built Britain’. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was just 19 when his father appointed him his assistant and chief engineer on the Thames Tunnel running beneath London’s famous river. This fascinating history documentary charts his early years as a civil engineer. His private journal reveals his intimate thoughts and feelings as he risked serious injury and possible death in his building endeavors.

Ep 2: Building the Future

Brunel initiates audacious plans that will revolutionize travel and communication. The Great Western Railway was one of the most ambitious engineering projects of its day. An audacious attempt to connect two cities hundreds of miles apart. As this engrossing history documentary reveals, Brunel’s grand vision went beyond the railways, including an integrated transport network extending across the Atlantic that would revolutionize engineering, travel and communication.