Global affairs documentaries

Covering topics such as the Prince Andrew and Epstein scandal and Putin's war in the Ukraine, BBC Select never backs away from the big talking points. You can stay well versed in current global affairs by watching these BBC news documentaries in the US or Canada today when you sign up for BBC Select.

The Whistleblowers: Inside the UN

For more than 70 years the UN has been at the forefront of work to uphold human rights and promote global peace, but how does it deal with allegations of widespread wrongdoing made against the organization itself?

The Whistleblowers: Inside the UN tells the story of the consequences insiders face when they speak out to allege a wide range of sexual abuse and corruption throughout the organization. Their first-hand accounts point to a culture of retaliation, untouchability and silence, which goes all the way to the top.

The Rise and Fall of the Super League

Watch The Rise and Fall of the Super League

This compelling sports documentary tells the story of the most dramatic 48 hours in the history of soccer: the rise and rapid fall of the European Super League. It became a fiasco that made global front page news and was furiously denounced by soccer fans across the world.

How did the proposed The Super League featuring teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool FC begin? Why did it cause such controversy, why did the plans quickly collapse and what’s the lasting impact on global football? Find out in this European Super League documentary on BBC Select.

Tareena: Return From ISIS

Watch Tareena: Return From ISIS on BBC Select

Tareena Shakil hit the headlines in 2014 when she took her young son from Britain to Syria with the intention of joining terrorist organization ISIS.

She soon fled from the group and then returned to the UK, where she was arrested and imprisoned.

Filmed over three years, this ISIS documentary tells her account of the journey she took to ISIS-held territory, why she went and how she eventually escaped.

Elon Musk – Superhero or Supervillain?

Elon Musk Superhero or Supervillain

His private life, business deals and outspoken social media posts continually hit the headlines, but who is the real Elon Musk? This new Elon Musk documentary explores the life of the Tesla billionaire, space pioneer and tech entrepreneur through intimate interviews with his friends, foes and business associates.

Trump: The Comeback?

Trump The Comeback Documentary

Donald Trump’s future is still uncertain. While he hints at attempting one of the biggest political comebacks of all time, the chances of it actually happening is far from guaranteed. In this new BBC documentary, journalist Katty Kay travels across America interviewing Trump’s supporters and adversaries to understand more about his aspirations and to discover whether American democracy can weather the storm if Trump does run again.