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Honduras's Abortion Pill Black Market

Image of woman with a pill on her tongue

Honduras is the world’s most restrictive country for female reproductive rights. Even the emergency contraception pill is outlawed. In a place that has a ban on abortion in every instance, this disturbing documentary meets the women buying illegal abortion pills, the men profiteering from them, the doctors dealing with the fallout, and the politicians reluctant to make progress.

Return of the Black Death

The discovery of 25 medieval skeletons in London could shatter the myths around the Bubonic plague and explain why it was so devastating in the past. While the disease is far less prevalent today, it still exists and still takes lives.

This fascinating documentary reveals how these ancient corpses could hold the key to understanding and possibly even eradicating this terrible disease.

Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia

Watch Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia on BBC Select

Anorexia has the highest death rate of any psychiatric disorder in the US. The pathological fear of eating and gaining weight affects around one in every 250 women, and for some it can be a lifelong battle.

Filmmaker Louis Theroux visits two of London’s biggest adult eating-disorder treatment facilities – St Ann’s Hospital and Vincent Square Clinic – to try to understand this mysterious illness in this insightful documentary.

Louis Theroux: Altered States - Take My Baby

Watch Louis Theroux: Altered States - Take My Baby on BBC Select

What drives people to hand over their own flesh and blood?

In this documentary, British filmmaker Louis Theroux spends time with the birth mothers who do, uncovering stories of poverty, addiction and abuse that drive them to heartbreaking decisions.

In California, adoption is a multi-million-dollar industry where agents, facilitators and lawyers can earn up to $50,000 by pairing pregnant women with couples desperate to adopt.