World's Most Luxurious

Worlds most luxurious

Get ready to be showered in sheer splendor as the most decadent items on the planet are revealed. This eye-opening documentary series takes a privileged view inside the world’s most luxurious yachts, homes, cars, private jets, hotels, and trains. Tricks of the trade are revealed by experts whose job it is to provide the ultimate opulence for discerning, super-rich clients.


All aboard the money train as the finest top-end locomotives on the planet are revealed.

Get ready to view some frou-frou choo-choos as the most scandalously opulent trains on the planet are explored. This eye-opening, jaw-dropping documentary takes a peek inside locomotives such as South Africa’s famous Blue Train. On this five-star hotel on wheels, guests pay upwards of $2,600 per ticket for the 40-hour journey from Pretoria to Cape Town, enjoying 24-hour luxury butler service.


Prepare to be astonished by super yachts that only the world’s richest people can afford.

Only the super-rich can possibly afford a super yacht, but it is not the price tag that makes these extravagant vessels exceptional. It’s the luxurious details. This alluring documentary hops aboard one vast floating palace, where a 13-strong staff attend to the occupant’s every need. Plus, a private yacht shopper for millionaires finds the ultimate swanky ship for three secretive celebs.


Enjoy an exclusive tour inside the sumptuous million-dollar homes of the super-rich.

How does a luxury real-estate agent to the stars find the perfect LA home for a picky billionaire? This revealing documentary takes a sneak peek inside the million-dollar domiciles of the super-rich and those who sell them. One $35m cliff-top mansion is put up for sale, while in Beverly Hills a $10 million pad is revamped in the hopes of
making more than a million dollars in profit.


Experience unbelievable luxury in this behind-the-scenes tour of a swanky Berlin hotel.

Former guests of Berlin’s swanky Kempinski Adlon include the Queen, Barack Obama and Brad Pitt’s service and suites have to be the epitome of luxury. This behind-the-scenes documentary delves inside the iconic hotel, where guests expect the best food, decor, and pampering. Staff are put through their paces as they strive to provide a unique experience for their wealthy clientele.

Private Jets

The sky’s the limit as the secrets of the world’s swankiest private jets are revealed.

Catch a flight on one of the most extravagant private jets in the world, which cost more than £80m to build and kit out. This eye-opening documentary takes you into the cabin of this unbelievably luxurious plane that contains every opulent feature the mega-rich high flyer desires. Blinds, music, and cabin temperature are controlled from iPads tucked into each seat.


Get your motor running as the planet’s most unbelievably luxurious supercars are explored.

If you’re super-rich, then you need the right set of wheels. This exclusive documentary looks at customized luxury cars, including a supercar super fan whose collection includes Aston Martins, Mercedes, Audis and three Morgans. Elsewhere, a self-made millionaire orders a third Lamborghini while at a Porsche track day, owners get the chance to try out new models and put them to the test.

Royal Holiday Secrets

Royal Holiday Secrets

The British royal family are used to the finer things in life. So why should the places they go to unwind be any different? This eye-opening documentary explores what the royals do to relax, shows their favorite places to escape and looks at how royal holidays have changed through the decades. From their passion for safaris to their love of Mustique, secrets from regal vacations will be revealed.

Secrets Of The Royal Gardens

Discover little-known facts and horticultural wonders hidden in royal parks and gardens.

Go behind castle gates and palace walls to uncover little-known facts about some regal horticultural wonders. This stunning documentary series takes us behind the scenes of Britain’s royal gardens and parks, including Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens and Balmoral. Along the way, the Queen’s bee-keeping skills, Princess Diana’s favorite garden spot and mysterious pyramids will be revealed.

Ep 1: Palaces

Meet the Queen’s bees and discover the exotic plant life at historic Hampton Court. Enter the rarified world of the royal garden. Places where mere commoners rarely go. On this rare tour of the green spaces favored by the British monarchy, Buckingham Palace’s bees and rare bats will be identified, the amazing plants of Hampton Court are explored and Princess Diana’s favorite spot in Kensington Palace is revealed. Every royal garden has a fascinating story to tell.

Ep 2: Parks

A visit to London’s royal parks, from hedgehogs in Regent’s Park to red deer at Richmond. London may be one of the biggest, noisiest metropolises on the planet. But it also features world-beating-green spaces. Relax with this fascinating look behind the scenes at London’s spectacular royal parks. There are hedgehogs in Regent’s Park, red deer at Richmond and the spectacular views in Greenwich Park. Plus, there’s a rare look inside a spectacular, secret super-nursery.

Ep 3: Houses

A rare peek inside the secret green spaces where busy royals relax and recuperate. The gardens of the private royal houses are rarely seen by prying eyes. These are the sanctuaries that provide solace to Britain’s royal family. This exclusive tour behind the scenes of the secluded oases where the royals relax includes the glories of Sandringham, renowned for its shooting parties and King Charles’ pride and joy, the gardening paradise of Highgrove.

Ep 4: Castles

An expert tour of the stunning estates of Windsor Castle and Scotland’s Balmoral. Royal castles were originally designed to protect Britain’s kings and queens from invaders. But these imposing buildings also boast glorious gardens and incredible wildlife. This tour of the stunning castle estates of Windsor just outside London and Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands includes a mysterious hidden pyramid, a Duke of Edinburgh rose, and politicians lost in the great outdoors.

The World's Most Secret Hotels

Image of a person sitting in a chair with mountains in the background

Discover spectacular hidden gems in this travel show dedicated to the world’s most remote luxury hotels.

The World’s Most Secret Hotels explores chalets perched 6,000 feet above an Alaskan glacier, hobbit-like huts, magical treetop cabins, a rustic retreat nestled among Stone Age ruins, a luxury resort hidden in the Middle East’s Grand Canyon and a hotel only accessible via zip wire! See some of the world’s most unique and amazing places to stay.

Ep 1: Extreme Escapes

Would you like a relaxing stay in a Cambodian hotel only accessible via a zip wire? Get ready to check into some luxury hotels in decidedly extreme locations. In Cambodia, the Shinta Mani Wild Hotel features a series of 15 tents only
accessible via a zip wire. There are precarious clifftop dwellings in Italy and Wales plus a unique Tree Hotel in Lapland. Whilst in England, The Burgh Island Hotel, favoured by Agatha Christie, sits on a sliver of land frequently cut off by the sea.

Ep 2: Remote Hideaways

Jet off to a remote spot in Sweden where you can spend the weekend in a 747 jumbo jet! Make sure you pack your compass as these resorts are miles from anywhere. Stay deep in the Jordanian desert in a ‘bubble’ tent. The secluded Cley Windmill in Norfolk, England is a 200-year-old mill that secretly contains luxury accommodation. Sweden’s
Jumbo Stay is the first 747 hotel in the world, while one South American hotel is so remote, supplies only arrive three times a month.

Ep 3: Hidden Escapes

If you hate airport transfers, you’ll love the hotel that’s hidden next to New York’s JFK! Escape the daily grind with these far-flung, high-end resorts. It’s hard to hide in New York, but there’s one hotel nestled beside the hustle of the JFK airport. In Finland, venture into the Urho Kkonen National Park and sleep under the stars at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. And on Vancouver Island there’s a spot known for its biological diversity, where visitors escape to free their minds.

Ep 4: Invisible Hideaways

Take a trip to a Swedish hobbit hut or a hotel hidden in the Middle East’s Grand Canyon. If you don’t want to be reached, then these remote hotels might be for you. Stay in a mirrored cabin deep within a Uruguayan forest. Sweden’s Kolarbyn Eco Lodge features rustic hobbit – like huts. If that sounds far too excitable, try Britain’s most remote hotel,
The Garvault. Or venture into the Grand Canyon of the Middle East to unearth a luxury hotel hidden in the Al Hajar mountains.

Ep 5: Hilltop Escapes

Our advice is to not look down as these resorts are precariously placed at a great height. These resorts are the tops, as we head skyward in search of luxury. Stay on an Italian glacier, in a hotel beloved by ski enthusiasts and hikers in search of an adrenaline fix. In Greece there’s a hotel on the southernmost tip of the Greek mainland in one of the most
remote areas in the country, the Mani Peninsula. Or spend some quality time in the imposing Welsh Cambrian Mountains.

Ep 6: Hidden Retreats

If you’re looking for something different, why not stay on a Swedish lake or a lava field? Find yourself, or lose yourself, in these highly remote resorts. Stay in Iceland’s Glass Cottage, an unusual black building covered in reflective glass and surrounded by lava fields. Make sure you pack your sea-legs as there’s a unique submerged hotel floating on a
Swedish lake. Whilst in England, The Tower is an unusual, brutalist compound, rumored to have harbored unexploded bombs.

Christmas in New York: Inside the Plaza

Watch Christmas in New York: Inside the Plaza on BBC Select

Synonymous with luxury, Manhattan’s magisterial Plaza Hotel has played host to presidents, movie stars and the mega-rich for decades. But when it comes to Christmas, the extravagance is kicked up a notch.

This access-all-areas documentary goes behind the scenes as the Plaza enters its busiest season. No request is denied to guests who expect festive opulence and non-stop, five-star service.