Science & Nature

Moon Landing

This exhilarating, immersive documentary takes us back to 1969 and relives the drama of America’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Focusing on the nail-biting launch and the perilous landing on the lunar surface, the film reveals how close the mission came to disaster.

History's Deadliest Tsunami

Watch History's Deadliest Tsunami on BBC Select

First came an earthquake deep below the Indian Ocean. Minutes later, in the early hours of Boxing Day 2004, a 100-foot wall of water ripped through Indonesia.

Then the Boxing Day tsunami reached Thailand, leaving unimaginable devastation in its wake.

Using eye-witness accounts, BBC Select presents this gripping documentary investigating the horrific natural disaster of the 2004 tsunami.

Could the catastrophe have been averted?

Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal

BBC Eugenics Documentary

Eugenics was the incorrect theory that humans could be improved by selective breeding. So-called ‘faults’ could be bred away; any ‘detrimental’ elements eradicated. Its origins lie with well-respected British medical practitioners; the Nazis put the ideas into practice.

Science expert Angela Saini and disability rights activist Adam Pearson look at the history and legacy of eugenics in this BBC documentary.

This show is not currently available on BBC Select but browse through the previous titles for more Science & Nature documentaries available to stream on BBC Select.