Sexuality & gender documentaries

BBC Select explores sexuality and gender and how our perceptions of these taboo topics have changed. If you live in the US or Canada, sign up to BBC Select today and let these BBC documentaries on sexuality and gender guide you through this evolving landscape.

The Pregnant Man

Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy want what many couples want – to start a family. But it’s Thomas, not Nancy, who’s pregnant.

He’s a trans man and it’s been a difficult pregnancy, but not for the usual reasons. Turned away by doctors, trailed by press, there’s no legal precedent for this situation. By giving birth, will Thomas become the legal mother AND father? Just mother? Or just father?

Grayson Perry: All Man

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As a dress-wearing, ‘lifelong cissy’ artist, Grayson Perry is no stranger to the question of what a real man is – he’s spent his whole life messing with machismo.

Now, from mixed martial-arts fighters to police, criminals and stockbrokers, Perry explores our ultra-masculine worlds, intent on proving his belief that men are a stranger and more interesting bunch than they let on.


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What it means to be a man or a woman is changing… if you need to be either. Genderquake is a unique social experiment where 11 strangers of different gender identities and sexualities spend a week together in a house.

Emotional stories are shared, tensions rise, secrets spilled and tears shed. A much-needed exploration of identity, gender fluidity and trans experience by the people who live it.

Louis Theroux: Selling Sex

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With online booking, reviews, and lashings of social-media interaction so customers can try before they buy, the sex trade is more accessible than ever. New technologies help sex workers to vet their clients in safety. But at what emotional cost?

Should sex ever be as easy to book as an Uber? Awkwardly charming investigator Louis Theroux passes no judgement – but his eyebrows do the talking.

Couples on the Couch

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Couples lay bare their most intimate secrets to the sex therapists in a specially constructed clinic, as they battle to get their relationships back on track.

But when the truth unravels, are their troubles in the bedroom a sign of deeper issues? Candid, awkward, heart-breaking, and moving, this series sees relatable but rarely discussed topics finally brought into the open.

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