The Moment: How Sports Changed The World

The Moment: How Sports Changed The World

In mid-90s South Africa, apartheid was finally over, and the nation was in the midst of a transitional government led by Nelson Mandela. Sport proved to be a tool for unification in a country deeply divided both politically and culturally. Against the odds, South Africa won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. This monumental moment in sports history had an enduring impact on both the nation and the world.

Hurst: The First and Only

Watch Hurst: The First and Only on BBC Select

Geoff Hurst was a supremely talented footballer and part of the only England team ever to win the World Cup in 1966.

More than half a century later he remains a legend. But, like his teammates, he was abandoned by the sport he served so well. Five years after retiring, he was jobless. Featuring contributions from stars such as David Beckham, Geoff Hurst now tells his incredible story in this compelling sports documentary.

A Life In Ten Pictures: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a man who refused to compromise. Known for his outspoken views, as well as his boxing prowess, he attracted acclaim, and controversy, throughout his life.

This gripping BBC arts documentary uses images from his burgeoning fight career to his battle with Parkinson’s to examine the journey of young Cassius Clay into the sporting icon he became.

The Rise and Fall of the Super League

Watch The Rise and Fall of the Super League

This compelling sports documentary tells the story of the most dramatic 48 hours in the history of soccer: the rise and rapid fall of the European Super League. It became a fiasco that made global front page news and was furiously denounced by soccer fans across the world.

How did the proposed The Super League featuring teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool FC begin? Why did it cause such controversy, why did the plans quickly collapse and what’s the lasting impact on global football? Find out in this European Super League documentary on BBC Select.

The Amol Rajan Interviews: Billie Jean King

Image of a woman's silhouette on a tennis court

In an exclusive interview the tennis legend opens up about her incredible life and career.

Changing the game, Billie Jean King was a record-breaking tennis player on the court and a boundary-busting social activist off it. She dominated the sport while campaigning to get female athletes treated the same as men in professional sports. Billie Jean King talks to the BBC’s Amol Rajan about her lifelong battle for equality and how she has balanced her activism with a sports career and a tumultuous personal life.

This show is not currently available on BBC Select but browse through the previous titles for more Sport documentaries available to stream on BBC Select.