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Louis Theroux Interviews... Dame Judi Dench

Louis Theroux Interviews... Dame Judi Dench

Having graced the stage and screen for over 60 years, including iconic turns as Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love and MI5 chief M in the James Bond films, Judi Dench is regarded as one of Britain’s greatest ever actors. Louis Theroux meets Oscar-winner Judi at her home for a candid and lively conversation about her long career, her passion for theatre and her life away from acting.

Downfall of the Porn King: The Ron Jeremy Story

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Ron Jeremy was an adult-film performer who appeared in thousands of films; a porn star who crossed over into the mainstream, rubbing shoulders with movies stars.

But in June 2020, he was charged with numerous counts of rape and sexual assault against 21 women.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the alleged victims, this two-part documentary provides a rare insight into the world of the adult film industry, revealing the inside story of Ron Jeremy’s 40-year career and how his alleged crimes came to light.

Episode 1: Rise to Fame

Ron Jeremy’s rise to fame in the ‘golden age’ of the 1970’s porn industry. This is the story of how a fairly unattractive, unassuming figure became an icon in the adult film industry and the power he was able to exert. The first part of this compelling documentary charts Ron Jeremy’s rise to fame during the ‘golden age of porn’ in the 1970s. Rumors of his sexual crimes were circulating even then, but nothing was said or done. Now his alleged victims tell their story.

Episode 2: Downfall and Disgrace

The past catches up with former porn star Ron Jeremy as his alleged crimes are revealed. Ron Jeremy crossed over from the world of adult entertainment into the mainstream. He was a household name with famous Hollywood friends, a reality TVs how and even his own range of rum. But Jeremy’s former actions were about to catch up with him.

The conclusion of this disturbing documentary reveals how the porn star’s alleged crimes were eventually brought to light and his downfall was assured.

A Life In Ten Pictures: Elizabeth Taylor

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Compelling BBC Elizabeth Taylor documentary revealing the life of the Hollywood star through ten defining photographs. From famous shots such as her Life Magazine cover and on set during the filming of Cleopatra featuring those iconic Elizabeth Taylor eyes to private snaps with friends and family.

Peek inside the life of Elizabeth Taylor through a unique lens. From her breakout to her success in the 50s and 60s and time with spouse Richard Burton, see an amazing life in pictures. With contributions from those who knew her best, secrets are revealed.

When Louis Met ... Jimmy Savile

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Voted one of the top 50 documentaries of all time by Channel 4, Louis Theroux spends a week with now-known pedophile and sex offender Jimmy Savile prior to his death and public disgrace.

In this 2000 BAFTA-winning documentary, Theroux attempts to get behind the public persona and raises the now-substantiated rumors of pedophilia.

Louis Theroux: Jimmy Savile Revisited

Watch When Louis Met ... Jimmy Savile on BBC Select

After the revelation that Jimmy Savile was a predatory sex offender, and 16 years after his BAFTA-winning documentary When Louis Met… Jimmy Savile first aired, Louis Theroux sets out to understand how a man who was at the center of British entertainment was able to get away with a long litany of horrendous crimes.

In this Jimmy Savile documentary, Louis speaks with Savile’s victims and scrutinizes moments from the original documentary and footage that has never been aired before.