First Contact: An Alien Encounter

First Contact: An Alien Encounter

Many leading scientists believe there’s a genuine possibility that the first evidence of extra-terrestrial life may so on be detected. This intriguing mix of cutting-edge science documentary and drama offers up an exploration of what might happen if an alien object was detected traveling through the solar system towards us. How would the planet and its leaders respond?

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First Contact: An Alien Encounter on BBC Select

Episode 1: First Contact
How would our planet respond if extra-terrestrial life was detected in the solar system?

Could extra-terrestrial life ever visit our planet? And if it did, how would we respond? Using an innovative mix of science, fictional podcasts and drama, this documentary tracks the first 12 days as an alien life form is detected and then identified as hurtling
towards the Earth. Experts in space exploration look at the scientific, social, and philosophical implications of first contact.

Episode 2: The Planet Responds
An alien life-form is heading towards the Earth. But how will the planet’s leaders react?

An alien life-form has been detected hurtling towards the Earth. First contact is imminent. How would our planet’s leaders respond? This intriguing mix of science documentary and drama explores the protocols should we encounter beings from outer space. Featuring contributions from extra-terrestrial experts and scientists, could an alien arrival challenge everything we think about life and the universe?

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