The Men and the Machines that Beat Hitler

WWII was the ultimate conflict of the machine age, and the tank was its iconic symbol. The ‘tankies’ experienced much of the conflict from the fall of France to the deserts of Africa, D-Day to the final victory in Germany. This fascinating history documentary tells the story of six remarkable men from one armored unit: the Fifth Royal Tank Regiment, also known as the Filthy Fifth.

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The Men and the Machines that Beat Hitler on BBC Select

Episode 1: The Hell of War
The ‘tankies’ face brutal battle conditions in France and the North African desert.

British tank units were integral to victory during WWII. This remarkable history documentary follows the exploits of one extra ordinary regiment using rare footage and interviews with survivors. Their story starts at Dunkirk before moving to vicious fighting in North Africa. Just when this band of ‘tankies’ believe there’s a lull in the action, they must face the beaches of Normandy.

Episode 2: The Smell of Victory
The tank unit struggles against improved Nazi technology before making a breakthrough.

As WWII continues, the ‘tankies’ from the Fifth Royal Tank Regiment struggle with battle conditions in France. But as this stunning history documentary shows, they also faced superior German artillery. After months of attrition, the Fifth made a breakthrough and were soon heading towards German. But tragedy would strike during the war’s final days.

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