The Power Drop was live between Thursday 18th February – Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

Every other week BBC Select brought audiences a curated collection of three thought provoking programs and an exclusive Take on a subject that touches us all. We explored culturally relevant themes and examined them in depth, offering you fresh perspectives on the things that matter in life, from love and war, parenthood and consumerism, to revolution and race.

This week, The Drop delves into power dynamics across race, gender and politics. British filmmaker Louis Theroux interrogates students accused of sexual assault. We learn about Burmese politician and Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi’s fall from grace, as well as the toxic perils of white nationalism in A Black and White Killing, hosted by journalist Mobeen Azhar.


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Neo-Nazi marches. Horrific mass-murders. Widespread racist rhetoric. Dangerous white nationalism is on the rise in America, emanating from its prisons. This chilling, affecting documentary looks at one particular case in Portland, Oregon where a young black man was murdered by a white supremacist. Journalist Mobeen Azhar investigates the case, talking to families, detectives and gang members and soon discovers that this one incident illustrates the stark racial hatred in an increasingly divided United States. A Black and White Killing raises the all-important question: how can an increasingly polarized nation tackle historic, structural and social inequalities?

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In this powerful and at times harrowing programme, acclaimed British documentary-maker Louis Theroux investigates the dramatic increase in reports of sexual violence at US colleges. He meets those who claim to have been assaulted as well as those accused of assault. As he delves deeper, Louis is drawn into a bafflingly complex world of claim and counterclaim, where separating fact from fiction becomes increasingly challenging. Louis’ uncompromising stare and stripped-back questions bare all, in an attempt to provoke honest answers and uncover the truth.

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Aung San Suu Kyi

When Aung San Suu Kyi was released after 15 years of house arrest in Myanmar back in 2010, she was celebrated as a global icon of resistance and was compared to figures such as Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. Ten years later, the Nobel Prize winner faced allegations of complicity in the mass murder and rape directed towards Rohingya Muslims. How did this bastion of peace and understanding fall so far from grace? Now placed under house arrest by the Myanmar military, did the world misunderstand who Suu Kyi really was?

3rd August 2023

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3rd April 2023

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