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From world leaders including Volodymyr Zelensky to icons of pop culture like Elizabeth Taylor or billionaires such as Elon Musk, BBC Select brings you the life stories of the influential people that shaped the past and present. Stream a range of compelling biographical documentaries from the BBC and beyond with BBC Select.

Elton John: Uncensored

Elton John Interview BBC

In this world-exclusive interview, Sir Elton John sits down with Graham Norton to look back at his extraordinary, 50-year Grammy and Academy Award-winning career.

Elton shares many candid, personal and laugh-out-loud stories documenting the highs and lows of his life in music.

From addiction battles to health scares and fatherhood, the Rocket Man discusses subjects that are usually out of bounds.

A Life in Ten Pictures - Freddie Mercury

Life in Ten Pictures Freddie Mercury Documentary

Freddie Mercury of Queen was one of the most photographed men in history. But could a selection of photos uncover new truths about someone we all thought we knew? This revealing Freddie Mercury documentary looks at an extraordinary life through a unique lens of ten defining pictures, from iconic shots to private snaps. Secrets are revealed by those who were there and those who knew Freddie best.

The Real Mo Farah

The Real Mo Farah

Gold medal winning Olympian and British national treasure Sir Mo Farah reveals the shocking truth about his childhood. In this compelling documentary, he describes the journey he made from Somaliland to the UK as a young boy and discusses how he was trafficked into the country aged nine and forced into child labor. And he shares a shocking secret he has kept hidden for 30 years.

Louis Theroux Interviews... Katherine Ryan

Louis Theroux Interviews... Katherine Ryan

Since her arrival in the UK 15 years ago, Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan has become one of the country’s most outspoken performers. Her career has grown from TV appearances to writing and executive producing her own stand-up specials and performing in venues across the globe. Louis Theroux is invited to Katherine’s home for a frank, revealing conversation about her life and her comedy.

Idris Elba: Mandela, My Dad and Me

Idris Elba Mandela My Dad and Me

In 2013, acclaimed actor Idris Elba produced and released ‘Idris Elba presents mi Mandela’, an album inspired by his time researching and portraying Nelson Mandela in the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. This revealing biographical documentary follows Idris on his promotional tour as he reconnects with his roots while investigating his own family history.