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Saints and Sinners: A Millennium of Monasteries

Saints and Sinners: A Millennium of Monasteries

This is a story of faith, sacrifice, violence and corruption. Art historian Janina Ramirez discovers how monasteries shaped all aspects of medieval Britain and created a dazzling array of art, architecture and literature. She explores how they evolved from a cult of Christianity involving extreme isolation and self-deprivation into powerhouses of Anglo-Saxon art, industry and learning.

The Mormons Are Coming

The Mormons Are Coming

Every year, 30,000 missionaries are called to serve the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s the largest full-time missionary force of any church. Most are under 25 and away from home for up to two years. Europe’s biggest training center is located in the north of England. This documentary follows three young missionaries through the first few months of training and work in the field.

The Most Dangerous Man In Tudor England

Image of the most dangerous man in Tudor

He was a man whose life and legacy have been hidden from history, but whose impact on Christianity in Britain endures today. In this BBC history documentary, Melvyn Bragg explores the dramatic story of William Tyndale and his mission to translate the Bible into English. His radical work made him a profound threat to the authority of the church and set him on a fateful collision course with Henry VIII’s heretic hunters.

Jesus' Family Tree

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Jesus was the single child of a nuclear family with his parents, Mary and Joseph. At least, that’s the traditional image. But Jesus lived 2000 years ago in a society where an extended family was the norm.

This fascinating two-part documentary reveals evidence from both the gospels and archaeology showing that Jesus not only had a vast family network, but this network inspired and supported him.

The Bible: A History

Watch The Bible: A History on BBC Select

It’s the bestselling book in history that has shaped politics, culture and human experience through the ages. Though it originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East it’s still the basis of fierce debate and intensive scholarship to this day.

Now, seven people from different walks of life offer their perspectives on what The Bible says about spiritual life and our relationships with others in this documentary series about the Bible.