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BBC Select has a range of compelling documentaries focusing on the latest global issues and social issues that matter to us all. Stream shows from BBC News and leading documentary filmmakers and get the inside story on politics, influential world leaders, regional conflicts and more.

Putin vs The West

Image of Putin wearing sun glasses reflecting the British and US flags

Throughout the two decades that Vladimir Putin has controlled Russia, global leaders have tried various tactics to keep him in line. Now, as war rages in Ukraine and the world faces one of its greatest tests to peace since the Cold War, this documentary attempts to identify where these leaders went wrong and tries to understand how we have reached this point of no return with Putin.

House of Saud

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Can Saudi Arabia, a country at the heart of the escalating Middle East crisis, be a force for good?

The Hunt for Bin Laden

Stream The Hunt for Bin Laden on BBC Select

As Osama Bin Laden’s terror attacks spiraled across the world, America struggled to find and eliminate the world’s most wanted man, despite intensive efforts.

Why was he so difficult to track down?

In this thrilling documentary on BBC Select, the mission to get Bin Laden, led by President Barack Obama, is told in forensic detail. How was he so elusive and how was he eventually caught and killed?

Dynasties: The Families That Changed The World

Dynasties The Families That changed the World

Throughout history, certain names have cropped up again and again, holding onto the reins of power. Families that seem to continually reach the pinnacle of society. But how do they do it? This insightful historical documentary series delves into the inner workings of the world’s most powerful and intriguing dynasties. The scandals, powerplays, humble beginnings and dramatic downfalls are all explored.

Citizen Quinn: Bankrupt Billionaire

Citizen Quinn

This is the story of the man who personified Ireland’s boom and subsequently, its bust. Sean Quinn was the world’s biggest single loser in the 2008 global financial collapse. This fascinating documentary looks at the man who gambled his business empire on a single investment and lost everything. Once worth an estimated $6 billion, can he somehow get his fortune back?