Sex Actually with Alice Levine

This eye-opening documentary series sees Alice Levine (My Dad Wrote a Porno) meet the adventurous people pushing the boundaries of sex, intimacy, and relationships. Alice steps out of her comfort to explore attitudes towards sex in the 2020s and meet Brits who approach sex in very different ways.

Produced by Louis Theroux, Sex Actually with Alice Levine goes beneath the sheets to find out how lockdown affected sex lives and whether anything is considered ‘normal’ anymore when it comes to sex?

Black Power: America's Armed Resistance

Watch Black Power: America's Armed Resistance on BBC Select

What is America’s Black Liberation Movement and why is the group gaining traction and attracting members?

In this investigative BBC documentary, filmmaker Dan Murdoch joins members of the group to discover what Black power means and how far they are prepared to go to achieve their ends.

Is this armed Black militia simply a response to American racism or are other factors motivating their actions?

Generation Porn

Watch Generation Porn on BBC Select

The rise of the internet has seen an explosion of free porn instantly available to everyone. But what is this doing to us?

BBC Select delves into the adult entertainment industry with this eye-opening documentary exploring the world of pornography.

What effect is this sexual imagery having on the people who watch it and those who make it? And what impact is the porn revolution having on society?

Liberty Of London

It’s one of the most unique shopping experiences on the planet. But what makes Liberty of London tick?

Founded in 1875 and housed in a huge, ornate building, the store is synonymous with luxury and daring design.

For the first time, cameras go behind the scenes in this fly-on-the-wall documentary and record all the conflicts and calamities that take place when the customer isn’t looking.

Get ready for some radical retail therapy.

World's Weirdest Homes

Watch World's Weirdest Homes on BBC Select

Get ready to drop in and pay a visit to some of the most bizarre, baffling, confusing and frankly ridiculous homes on the planet.

This unique documentary gives you privileged access to some of the most fascinating and unique properties in the world, including a brief stay at Mr Toilet’s toilet house (you can probably guess the theme of that one) and a cargo ship that’s been cut in half and stuck on a cliff.