True Crime Documentaries

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BBC Select delves into the world of true crime with a range of eye-opening documentaries. Learn more about crimes that made the headlines including the Wests and Jimmy Saville, shocking misdemeanors from recent times in Britain and America, as well as unlawful acts from the past including the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

Look Away

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The worlds of TV and film have been rocked by countless shocking stories detailing the abuse and mistreatment of women.

Is the music industry now due its own #MeToo moment?

In this disturbing documentary, women who were groomed in their early teen years come forward to tell their stories. Some of the music business’s biggest stars are implicated.

Married to a Psychopath

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Former police detective Charles Henry had a long and distinguished career. But his most unforgettable assignment was the case of Malcolm Webster, a heartless psychopath who killed his wife and attempted to kill two others.

In this true-crime documentary, Charles revisits the most disturbing case of his career. This is the never-before-told story of how one small-town detective brought a ruthless killer to justice.

Taken: Hunting the Sex Traffickers

Watch on BBC Select as this gripping true crime documentary tackles the distressing world of human trafficking.

Filmed over three years, this is the inside story of a police investigation into a criminal gang, who snatched young girls from the streets of South America and forced them to sell their bodies in the UK.

Can the detectives track down the crime network’s elusive leader?

The Beverly Allitt Tapes

The Beverly Allitt Tapes

In 1993, a young and unassuming nurse was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three others, and causing bodily harm to a further six. This gripping true crime documentary looks at the crimes and motivations of serial killer Beverley Allitt, dubbed ‘The Angel of Death’. Using expert evidence and tapes from Allitt’s police interviews, this hideous case is explored.

Murdered: The Baby on the Beach

Murdered: Baby on the beach

In April 1984, a five-day-old boy’s body was found on a lonely Irish beach. This led to a chain of events that saw an innocent woman attacked and would bring shame on the Irish state and the police. This engrossing true-crime documentary explores this awful event, which shone an uncomfortable spotlight on the treatment of vulnerable women in Irish society and changed Ireland forever.