World War Two Documentaries

Stream a wide range of compelling World War II documentaries that bring you the full story of the global conflict. Learn more about the people, places and events that shaped the second World War including Winston Churchill and the Allies, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, Auschwitz, and Hiroshima, as well D-Day and the Nuremberg Trials. And get inside accounts from those who experienced WWII through archive interviews and restored film footage.

Rise of the Nazis

Rise of the Nazis Season 4

Hitler is dead, the Nazis are defeated, and war is effectively over. Now the fight for justice begins. The Allies are confronted by the sheer horrific scale of the Nazi regime as concentration camps are emptied. Many high-ranking Nazis are tried and executed. Others slip through the net. As the Cold War begins, only a few dedicated Nazi hunters remain to bring the worst offenders to justice.

Stream Rise of the Nazis Series 1-4 on BBC Select. This acclaimed history documentary series examines how Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power in 1930s Germany, how they brutally retained control and destroyed democracy, World War II and Hitler’s plan for world domination, through to Hitler’s final days and the collapse of the Nazi regime.

The Lost Heroes

the lost heroes

In September 1943, 24 British Navy X-men piled into six mini submarines. Their goal was to destroy Nazi Germany’s pride and joy: the battleship Tirpitz. This fascinating investigative documentary tells the story of this incredible mission. Though considered a success, the fate of some crew members has been shrouded in mystery. Can a team of Norwegian divers unlock this Naval enigma?

Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial

Nuremberg Nazis on Trial Documentary

After World War II, leading Nazis were tried at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

This gripping BBC history documentary attempts to delve inside the minds and secret workings of Hitler’s Nazi leadership.

Using largely unpublished trial documents, the series gives an unprecedented view of three key Nazi figures: Hermann Goering, Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess.

What drove them to commit their crimes?

Auschwitz: Nazis & The Final Solution

It was the site of the largest mass-murder in the world – yet few know the full horror of Auschwitz. This landmark BBC Auschwitz documentary series tells the full story of the concentration camp.

With the help of computer graphics, powerful reconstructions and interviews with people who were there including former SS members, Auschwitz: Nazis and The Final Solution explores the horrors of the attempted ‘Final Solution’.

Hitler: A Life In Pictures

Hitler A Life in 10 Pictures

Adolf Hitler was careful to cultivate a cult of personality. Images of him were carefully selected by the Nazi propaganda machine. This extraordinary documentary features photos and film from two photographers who dedicated their lives to documenting Hitler: Heinrich Hoffmann and assistant Eva Braun. Unpublished photos and hours of amateur film footage show a rare glimpse of the unseen Hitler.