Animal Mums

Animal Mums

From a cheetah putting her babies in the naughty corner to a sheep comforting her crying lamb, this charming and funny natural history series, narrated by Hugh Bonneville, explores how animal motherhood has some surprisingly human traits. Featuring a mix of science, fascinating stories and heartwarming moments, the documentary reveals that animals can be as dedicated to their babies as we are.

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Animal Mums on BBC Select

Episode 1: Babies
Meet some amazing animals who battle against the odds to prove what great moms they are.

In the precious moments straight after an animal mother gives birth, a magical bond with the baby takes place. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville, this charming natural history documentary reveals that motherhood requires tricks for feeding babies and showcases incredible ways they protect their young. Some amazing creatures are forced to face incredible odds just to prove what wonderful mums they are.

Episode 2: Toddlers
Even animal mothers need clever tactics for tackling tantrums and handling bullies.

Just like us, playtime makes up a huge part of a young animal’s life and all animal mothers have their work cut out keeping up with energy-filled youngsters. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville, this fun and funny natural history documentary unearths an animal mum’s tactics for tackling tantrums, handling neighborhood bullies and various ingenious methods for childcare and motherhood.

Episode 3: Growing Up
Animal youngsters copy their mothers to learn vital skills to survive in the wild.

In order to survive, it’s essential that all animal babies acquire the skills required to help keep them alive in the wild and copying mom is the best way to learn. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville, this fun and fascinating natural history documentary explores how animal mothers teach the importance of manners, good personal hygiene and tricks for finding food.

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