Inside Our Autistic Minds

Inside our Autistic Minds

Presenter and environmentalist Chris Packham meets autistic people who are all at a key point in their lives. Packham, who has autism spectrum disorder, learns about the ways they sense and interact with the world. He will also introduce them to people who may be able to answer questions about their particular experiences, and helps them to express themselves creatively.

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Inside Our Autistic Minds on BBC Select

Episode 1: Finding a Voice
Chris Packham helps an autistic comedian and a non-speaking man find their voice.

Since sharing his own autism spectrum disorder, naturalist and presenter Chris Packham has been flooded with messages from other autistic people. By teaming up with top creatives Chris helps a group of autistic people discover what’s really going on in their minds. He gives a non-speaking autistic man the chance to take a message to the world and helps an autistic comedian connect with their mom.

Episode 2: Inside the Autistic Mind
Chris works with visual creatives to bring autistic people’s ‘interior world’ to life.

Chris Pack ham meets fellow people with autism spectrum disorder and helps them to create short films to reveal what’s really going on inside their minds. Chris meets Anton, a teaching assistant and trance DJ and Ethan, a 19-year-old student and aspiring rapper. He helps them make films to reveal to their friends and classmates how they feel about change and hypersensitivity to noise.

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