Murdered: The Baby on the Beach

Murdered: Baby on the beach

In April 1984, a five-day-old boy’s body was found on a lonely Irish beach. This led to a chain of events that saw an innocent woman attacked and would bring shame on the Irish state and the police. This engrossing true-crime documentary explores this awful event, which shone an uncomfortable spotlight on the treatment of vulnerable women in Irish society and changed Ireland forever.

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Episode 1: A Tragic Discovery
In 1984, a quiet rural Irish town is shocked by the discovery of a murdered baby.

In 1984, a quiet rural town in Ireland is shocked by the discovery of a violently murdered baby. The event sets off a gripping investigation into this inconceivable crime. As this distressing true-crime documentary reveals, Joanne Hayes and her family soon become the main suspects in a biased investigation. The search for truth blurs the lines between guilt and innocence.

Episode 2: Investigating the Investigators
Disturbing revelations about police methods are revealed as the case continues.

After the discovery of a baby’s body, Joanne Hayes is considered the prime suspect by police. But the case soon unravels, and disturbing revelations emerge about the methods employed by the investigators, involving allegations of unorthodox and brutal practices to coerce confessions. But as this fascinating true-crime documentary uncovers, the torment of Hayes family isn’t over.

Episode 3: No Justice
The injustice against a woman accused of murder reaches alarming levels.

An investigation into police tactics during the investigation of a baby’s murder turned into a relentless attack on the family the police suspected of the crime. But as this compelling true-crime documentary shows, the injustice levelled at the family, and Joanne Hayes in particular, sparked a powerful movement questioning the treatment of women and autonomy over their own bodies.

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