The Beverly Allitt Tapes

The Beverly Allitt Tapes

In 1993, a young and unassuming nurse was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three others, and causing bodily harm to a further six. This gripping true crime documentary looks at the crimes and motivations of serial killer Beverley Allitt, dubbed ‘The Angel of Death’. Using expert evidence and tapes from Allitt’s police interviews, this hideous case is explored.

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The Beverly Allitt Tapes on BBC Select

Episode 1: Sloppy Nursing
As hospitalized children begin to die without reason, a young nurse is the main suspect.

In the early 1990s, a number of seemingly healthy children, entering hospital for minor ailments, began to die. Suspicion fell on a young nurse who was working when they all fell ill: Beverley Allitt. In this chilling true-crime documentary, survivors and detectives revisit the early investigation of the child-serial-killing nurse dubbed The Angel of Death and ask if chances were missed.

Episode 2: Children Are Disposable
What motivated the young nurse dubbed The Angel of Death to kill and kill again?

How did murderer Beverley Allitt select and attack her victims? And could she have been caught earlier? This disturbing true-crime documentary investigates the child-serial-killing nurse dubbed The Angel of Death and her vicious crimes. Using her police interview tapes, a portrait of the psychopathic killer emerges. But what do experts believe drove her to commit such hideous acts?

Episode 3: A Killing Field
The murdering nurse called‘ The Angel of Death’ is finally caught and convicted.

As the evidence builds around the killer nurse Beverley Allitt, questions are asked about the investigation and security at the hospital where she worked. This compelling true crime documentary talks to detectives attached to the case who were growing increasingly disturbed by what they were finding out. Allitt’s own words, caught on tape, reveal a callous, calculating killer.

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