Curse of the Ancients with Alice Roberts

Curse of the ancients with alex

Riddled with wars, pandemics, famines and cataclysmic floods, the ancient world was a cursed and violent place. In this seminal history documentary series, historian Alice Roberts goes back in time to look at the factors that toppled the world of our ancestors. Using modern scientific techniques, she will try to decipher how civilization survived such turbulent and destructive eras.

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Curse of the Ancients with Alice Roberts on BBC Select

Ep 1: Ancient Global Warming

Why did so many ancient civilizations creating great art and literature suddenly collapse?

From 6100BCE to the end of the Bronze Age, floods, volcanic eruptions, and conflict had a devastating effect on the ancient world. As historian Alice Roberts reveals in this exciting history documentary, this was a time of great architecture, literature, and the arts. But most of the great civilizations creating this culture suddenly collapsed, plunging the world into a devastating dark age.

Ep 2: Rome’s Rise and Fall

Why was the Roman Empire so successful and what led to its ultimate destruction?

The Roman Empire was one of history’s greatest civilizations. But what was the secret of its success? And what led to its collapse? In this enthralling history documentary, Alice Roberts explores this empire, investigating newly discovered battlegrounds in Britain and Spain to find out how Rome defeated her enemies. But was Rome’s downfall ultimately caused by enemies within?

Ep 3: The Darkest Age

How did trades manage to flourish during the devastating final days of the Roman Empire?

The disastrous final days of the Roman Empire led to a cataclysmic power vacuum, with the effects felt even beyond the Empire’s borders. As historian Alice Roberts notes in this engrossing documentary, the period that followed was one of history’s darkest times, with war and plague ravaging the planet. But even in this cursed era, culture and trade continued to flourish.

Ep 4: God’s Holy Warriors

Saxons and Vikings rampaged after Rome’s collapse. But then they suddenly vanished. Why?

After Rome’s collapse, Saxons and Vikings rampaged through Europe, but then these pagan societies seemed to disappear. Where did they go? And why? In this thrilling history documentary, Professor Alice Roberts reveals how archaeologists have unveiled one of history’s most mysterious periods. These catastrophes, calamities and disasters have all helped to shape modern Europe.

Ep 5: Medieval Mystery

How did Europe survive such calamities as plagues, wars, and devastating natural disasters?

The period known as the Middle Ages is considered one of the most cursed periods in European history. In the
final episode of this enthralling documentary series, Alice Roberts reveals how wars, pandemics and natural disasters toppled the world of our ancestors. Black Death wiped out up to half of Europe’s population and climatechange caused cataclysmic floods. How did Western society survive?

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