Scotch! The Story of Whisky

scotch! The Story of whiskey

The tiny nation of Scotland has dominated the global whisky market for generations. But what is it about this land that makes it the perfect Scotch producer? In this captivating beverage documentary, acclaimed Scottish actor David Hayman discovers the history, culture and legacy of the beloved amber liquid from its origins in Scotland to today’s multinational industry.

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Scotch! The Story of Whisky on BBC Select

Ep 1: History and Alchemy
What are the reasons behind Scotland’s domination the global whisky market?

Why does the tiny nation of Scotland dominate the world whisky industry and is its global dominance under threat? Acclaimed Scottish actor David Hayman delves into the history of this beloved tipple in this fascinating documentary. He meets coopers and coppersmiths, whose craft whisky relies on, before enrolling on a distilling course and is schooled in the alchemy of blending whisky.

Ep 2: Landscape and Legend
Is Scotland’s terrain a vital component in its whisky making that can’t be replicated?

Is the Scottish terrain and air just as important as science in the creation of the perfect whisky? In this intriguing documentary, actor David Hayman visits Islay, known as The Whisky Island. He learns about the progression of whisky from illicit distilling to a global industry, discovers the importance of marketing and encounters the lucrative trade in vintage booze.

Ep 3: Desire and Domination
Does the global desire for Scot ch whisky threaten Scotland’s dominance in the industry?

So great is worldwide love for Scotch whisky, many countries have begun making their own versions. But is this a threat to Scotland’s dominance of the market? Acclaimed Scottish actor David Hayman travels to meet some of these rivals in this insightful documentary. He visits Japan, learning of that great country’s whisky culture, and then Tasmania, a world whisky hotspot.

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