WWII: Women on the Frontline

WWII: Women on the Frontline

Defying expectations, overcoming prejudices, and often outperforming their counterparts, these are the courageous, and unwritten stories of the women who fought the Nazis. This remarkable documentary explores the daring and unknown
histories of the remarkable pilots, journalists, guerrillas and spies who fought, flew, and died across Britain, Germany, France and beyond during World War II.

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WWII: Women on the Frontline on BBC Select

Episode 1: Behind Enemy Lines
The amazingly brave women who risked their lives behind enemy lines in World War II.

Brave women across Europe risked everything to battle against Hitler’s Nazi hordes behind enemy lines. This intriguing history documentary reveals just some of them. Josephine Baker used her celebrity status to smuggle information to the Allies. A wireless operator in France single-handedly supported a Paris spy network. And teenage girls in the Netherlands bravely assassinated Nazi officers.

Episode 2: The War In The Air
Meet the female flying aces who took on Hitler’s aerial threat and helped win the war.

This is the story of the incredible women who took to the skies to defend their country. In this fascinating history documentary, remarkable figures from World War II are revealed, including a pilot who delivered over 1400 aircraft with only her flying skills to keep her alive, a Soviet group called the Night Witches who completed thousands of sorties and a Gunner Girl battling Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

Episode 3:Boots On The Ground
The remarkable women who bravely fought alongside men on the World War II battlefields.

This is the story of women from all over the world who fought and worked tirelessly alongside men on the battlefields of World War Two. In this gripping history documentary, the little-known feats of journalists, nurses and guerilla fighters takes center stage. One Ukraini an fighter, known as Lady Death, killed over 300 Nazis, while a Philippine beauty queen led squadrons of men into battle.

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