Travel documentaries

All aboard! Join a star-studded cast of travel guides as they take you to some of the most remote and fascinating corners of the globe. BBC Select is the home for travel shows that explore amazing places around the world and introduce you to the people, places, culture and history that makes them so special.

Buckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong

Buckingham Palace With Alexander Armstrong

It’s one of the world’s most famous buildings. A British royal residence for over 250 years that is steeped in intrigue, love, tragedy, extravagance and madness. But few ever get to go behind the scenes. Actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong explores the history of the Royal Family and Buckingham Palace in this marvelous documentary, revealing joy and scandal that took place behind closed doors.

The Story of Egypt

The Story of Egypt

Egypt is home to one of the world’s earliest civilizations. Its settlements date back to 17000 BC. It was a powerful and influential empire that grew from the Nile River Valley to the eastern Mediterranean. In this fascinating series, Professor of Egyptology Joann Fletcher examines Egypt’s extraordinary rise and fall, from the empire’s humble nomadic beginnings to its zenith as pyramid builders.

Japan: The Way I See It

Japan: The Way I See It

Japan is a country of beautiful landscapes, unique culture and formidable contrasts. Blind broadcaster and disability rights activist Lucy Edwards travels the country and experiences the smells, sounds and tastes in this singular travel documentary. She meets fellow, inspirational blind people who have overcome a diversity and now thrive in this remarkable nation.

Walking Through History

Walking through history

Slap on those walking boots, grab your compass and take a delightful trip through British history. Tony Robinson is your guide in this illuminating history documentary series as he explores some of the UK’s most exquisite and memorable landscapes, exploring the events from the past that took place there. Unearth fascinating tales and meet colorful characters from yesteryear.

Greeks of the Sea

Greeks of the sea

Greece is the world’s greatest maritime nation. From humble fisherman and expert boat builders to daring sponge divers and billionaire shipowners, this engaging travel documentary discovers a culture rich in history, myth and religion. Immerse yourself in stories and succulent seafood as adventurer Nikos Andronicos shows us why the Greeks believe they ‘have salt running through their veins’.