Explore Great Britain in this charming travel series

Joanna Lumley heads home to take you on an epic tour of Great Britain, inspired by her own personal history. Explore Joanna Lumley’s home sweet home and discover the beauty of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in this entertaining travel show.

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Joanna Lumley’s Britain on BBC Select

Join the joyous Joanna Lumley in this glorious British travel series visiting beautiful spots all over the UK and revealing a few family secrets along the way. From the Outer Hebrides to Cornwall, she retraces old steps, explores new places and meets inspiring people as she travels around Great Britain.

Joanna’s tour of the UK includes Scotland where she chases shirtless, kilt-wearing Scots across the heather, before sampling, and smuggling, whisky at a famous distillery. Then it’s over to Northern Ireland to explore some of the beautiful Game of Thrones locations. She also ventures up beautiful Welsh mountains, heads to England to pick cider apples in Somerset and takes part in a pagan ceremony in Devon. Then she’s finally back home in London to complete this epic UK travel series.

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