Food and drink documentaries

Whether you are interested in going out for fine dining or entertaining friends at home, BBC Select has some food and drink documentaries that cater to all tastes. Join Nigella Lawson for an Italian-inspired Christmas at home or venture to France with Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders on a champagne booze cruise. Sign up for BBC Select in the US or Canada today to get those taste buds singing.

Scotch! The Story of Whisky

scotch! The Story of whiskey

The tiny nation of Scotland has dominated the global whisky market for generations. But what is it about this land that makes it the perfect Scotch producer? In this captivating beverage documentary, acclaimed Scottish actor David Hayman discovers the history, culture and legacy of the beloved amber liquid from its origins in Scotland to today’s multinational industry.

The Secret World of Christmas Chocolate

The Secret World of Christmas Chocolate

Christmas is a time for festive fun, glorious gifts and, perhaps most importantly, mouth-watering food. And Brits love their candy and sweet treats. In this delicious documentary, beloved comedian Jo Brand unwraps the naughty and nice stories of Christmas chocolate. As brands try to entice British consumers, a less than appetizing tale of market domination and dirty tricks emerges.

Secret World Of Sweets

secret world of sweets

Tangtastic innovations, fierce competition, deep resentments–welcome to the world of candy confections. The bitter-sweet rivalry between big brands Rowntree’s and Bassett’s used to be at the centre of British candy. But as beloved comedian Jo Brand reveals in this tasty documentary, that all changed when rivals from abroad, Mars and Haribo, decided to enter the sweet treat market.

The Secret World of Cereals

The Secret World Of Cereal

The battle to be Britain’s dominant breakfast cereal has been fought for decades. American giant Kellogg’s fought their less well-known British rival Weetabix. Join beloved British comedian Jo Brand as she tells the story of Britain’s breakfast history, featuring two companies going head-to-head, changing tastes and newcomers joining the market. Who will come out on top?

Joanna Lumely's Spice Trail Adventure

Joanna Lumely's Spice Trail Adventure

Joanna Lumley sets off on her most epic voyage yet, a journey through the world’s greatest spice continents. Embarking on a 10,000-mile trek through Indonesia, Zanzibar, India and Madagascar, Joanna explores the centuries-old spice trade, discovering the rich tapestry of flavors and cultures which have shaped our world.