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Contrary to some opinions, the world of politics is never dull. From political documentaries on Putin and Zelensky's fight for power in the East or Trump's influence in the West, BBC Select is here to help you stay informed. If you live in the US or Canada, you can enter this world of intrigue with BBC Select.

When the Queen Spoke to the Nation

BBC When The Queen Spoke to the Nation

Throughout her long reign, the Queen was an enigmatic figure who never gave interviews. But there was one way to discover what was deeply important to her: her speeches. This documentary looks back at the Queen’s annual Christmas Day messages, as well as other special addresses, and reveals how she shared her values and beliefs through these public announcements.

Leaving Afghanistan

Leaving Afghanistan Documentary

Political insiders tell the story of the US-led coalition’s desperate attempts to end the war in Afghanistan during its two decades of occupation.

When America finally withdrew its troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, it was the culmination of almost 20 years of failed attempts to bring an end to the conflict – and a decision that effectively surrendered Afghanistan to the resurgent Taliban. What started as a mission to capture Osama Bin Laden, ended with four successive presidents trying to find a way to end a campaign that killed tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians and destroyed a nation. Now insiders and experts key players and politicians tell the story of this disastrous war.

BBC at War

Hailed and derided in equal measure, in 1939 the BBC had yet to establish its reputation.

In this enthralling history documentary on BBC Select, Jonathan Dimbleby reveals how the BBC fought not only Hitler during World War II, but also the British government to become the institution it is today.

What impact did the BBC’s wartime broadcasts have on the British public and on the Nazi hordes abroad?

1945: The Savage Peace

Watch 1945: The Savage Peace on BBC Select

When the Second World War ended, the people of liberated Europe celebrated their freedom from Nazi tyranny. Years of suffering had ended, but for millions of Germans, a new and terrible chapter was beginning.

This remarkable history documentary on BBC Select reveals the appalling violence meted out to the defeated Germans, which mirrored some of the worst cruelty of Hitler’s Nazi forces.

Could Hitler Have Been Stopped?

Stream Could Hitler Have Been Stopped? on BBC Select

In this thought provoking history documentary, leading historians consider strategies that could have been used to avoid conflict with Hitler and prevent World War II.

Before the war began, nations adopted a policy of appeasement to the Nazi regime. But the threat of Hitler and the lengths he would go to achieve his barbaric aims were constantly underestimated.