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Ukraine: The People's Fight

Man in a gas mask carrying the Ukrainian flag

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to rage, filmmaker Olly Lambert spends two months on Ukraine’s southern front. Gaining unique and privileged access to a group of volunteer special forces on the frontline, he meets and lives with a range of armed forces, often under fire. He witnesses highs and lows as these new recruits prove increasingly effective in pushing back Russian forces.

Putin vs The West

Image of Putin wearing sun glasses reflecting the British and US flags

Throughout the two decades that Vladimir Putin has controlled Russia, global leaders have tried various tactics to keep him in line. Now, as war rages in Ukraine and the world faces one of its greatest tests to peace since the Cold War, this documentary attempts to identify where these leaders went wrong and tries to understand how we have reached this point of no return with Putin.

Mariupol: The People's Story

Man in a gas mask carrying the Ukrainian flag

In a little under three months, residents of what was a thriving Ukrainian city witnessed the deaths of women and children in a maternity hospital and bodies left abandoned on the streets. This powerful documentary filmed and told by many of the citizens of Mariupol, records the deaths of thousands and daring escapes by survivors. It’s a story of their loss, bravery, and determination.

This 2023 International Emmy Award, 2022 Peabody, and 2023 IDA Documentary Awards-winning documentary is available to watch on BBC Select.

A Murder In Washington

A silencer gun pointed at the white house

In 2016 Seth Rich, a young staffer working for the Democrats, was shot in the back in a Washington D.C. street at 4am. The authorities believed he was the victim of a robbery gone wrong. But as this fascinating documentary reveals, his death has spawned a number of conspiracy theories. Was Seth involved in the leaking of sensitive emails? Or is his death being exploited for political gain?

India: the Modi Question


BBC documentary investigating tensions between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the country’s Muslim minority. Narendra Modi is the leader of the world’s largest democracy. Elected twice as India’s prime minister, he’s widely seen as the most powerful politician of his generation and considered a key ally to the US and UK. However, as this fascinating documentary series reveals, Modi has been dogged by allegations about his government’s attitude towards India’s Muslim population. But what is the truth?