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Royal Cousins at War

At the start of the 20th century, three cousins ruled Britain, Russia and Germany. But the relationship and rivalries between Georg V of Britain, Wilhelm II of Germany and Nicholas II of Russia had a devastating impact on Europe. This fascinating 2-part BBC documentary explores the plots, scandals and betrayals between three royal houses and when the families concerned rule the most powerful nations, petty squabbles can lead to political turmoil, economic upheaval and even war.

Auschwitz: Nazis & The Final Solution

It was the site of the largest mass-murder in the world – yet few know the full horror of Auschwitz. This landmark BBC Auschwitz documentary series tells the full story of the concentration camp.

With the help of computer graphics, powerful reconstructions and interviews with people who were there including former SS members, Auschwitz: Nazis and The Final Solution explores the horrors of the attempted ‘Final Solution’.

American History's Biggest Fibs

Stream American History's Biggest Fibs on BBC Select

Join Lucy Worsley in a three-part series exploring how American history has been mythologised and manipulated by politicians, writers and protesters. From the American Revolution and Civil War through to the United States’ becoming a superpower after the Second World War, how much is fact and how much is potentially fiction?

Extraordinary Places to Eat

Stream Extraordinary Places to Eat on BBC Select

Get insider knowledge on some remarkable places to eat and discover the hidden gastronomic gems that the top chefs rarely share.

In this BBC food and travel documentary, world-famous maître d’ Fred Sirieux travels across Europe on a mission to persuade the world’s finest chefs to reveal their favorite secret places to eat.

Traveling to food hotspots including San Sebastian, Paris and Venice, he meets a veritable smorgasbord of top food professionals. But will he persuade these famed gourmands to delve into their little black books and reveal the mouth-watering morsels offered by unassuming backstreet bistros and concealed cafes?