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Louis Theroux Interviews... Bear Grylls

Louis Theroux Interviews... Bear Grylls

Louis Theroux meets adventurer and television presenter Bear Grylls on his private island. Louis sits down with Bear in an attempt to understand the real man beneath the tough-guy exterior. He learns about Bear being taken to see self-help gurus as a child and accompanies him on trips to a Scout troop, a marine reserve training camp, and his own family adventure festival.

Queens That Changed The World

Queens that changed the world

So much of history is dominated by men. But some queens wielded extraordinary power, and ruled in ways that far surpassed their male counterparts. This illuminating history documentary series looks at queens such as Victoria, Elizabeth I, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Hatshepsut. It investigates what drove these women, how they asserted their authority and what they did to stay in power.

Find out which queen you most resemble from Queens That Changed The World here.

The Mysteries Of The Medieval Ship

Mysteries of the medieval ship

In 2002, the remains of an 80ft medieval ship were discovered in a Welsh river. It was the only vessel of its kind to have been found intact in Europe. But what was this unique craft doing there? In this fascinating history documentary, archaeologists trace the ship’s past and uncover secrets dating back to the Wars of the Roses, revealing a turbulent world of piracy and civil war.


Watch Napoleon with BBC Select

This epic 3-part BBC Napoleon documentary sees Andrew Roberts retrace the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte to learn about the life of the legendary French leader.

With access to a unique archive of personal letters, historian Andrew Roberts brings the story of Napoleon vividly to life.

As he retraces the footsteps of the legendary leader, he sheds new light on Napoleon as an extraordinarily gifted military commander and mesmeric leader, whose private life was, contrary to popular belief, littered with disappointments and betrayals.