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The Secret World Of Burgers

The secret life of burgers

A mainstay of American palates, the humble hamburger took a little longer to reach Britain. This insightful documentary lifts the curtain on an industry now worth billions in the UK. It’s the story of the battle between Wimpy, McDonald’s and Burger King, told by the industry titans behind some of the biggest brands. But what does the future hold for the great British burger?

Take Me To Titanic

Image of someone exploring the Titanic underwater

A journey to visit the world’s most famous shipwreck sounds like a something from science fiction. But for the first time ever, a group of curious adventurers are taking a cutting-edge sub to visit the remains of the Titanic. This fascinating BBC documentary travels with the explorers as they view the spectacle that is the Titanic.

North Korea: Voices from the Secret State

Watch North Korea: Voices from the Secret State on BBC Select

It is the most secretive and isolated country in the world. Under the rule of dictator Kim Jong-Un, no-one knows what the citizens of North Korea really think. That is until now. This revealing film hears the uncensored views of people in the North including army officers, a senior member of the security service, and a desperate family contemplating escape. What happens behind the wall of silence?

The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty

Stream The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty on BBC Select

This three-part documentary explores Rupert Murdoch’s power and influence over the past 30 years. From his influence on politics and elections to his own succession plans. A story of family, money and power.

Celebrated and hated in equal measure, Rupert Murdoch has arguably influenced society hugely in the last few decades. His media empire has helped influenced selecting British Prime Ministers and American Presidents as well as the outcome of the Brexit vote. He’s also faced political scandals and high-profile legal enquiries which impacted his legacy and his businesses. Learn more about his family including his children Elisabeth, James and Lachlan Murdoch, the Murdoch media empire and their story over the past 30 years.