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A Year in Tibet

How do you cure toothache in Tibet?

Tseden is a shaman who uses ‘spiritual healing powers’ to help sick villagers in Tangmai, Tibet. Tseden sees 20 to 30 patients a day, and in this video, we see him treat a woman with toothache by spitting at her, which he claims forces out the evil spirits that cause illness.

Isolated in the midst of the world’s highest mountain ranges, Tibet is one of the most remote places on the planet. With unprecedented filming access, this intimate travel documentary opens a window on the Tibetan town of Gyantse and its beautiful Baijin monastery, following the lives of people dwelling in this secretive, mysterious location. What challenges do Tibetan’s face, living in such a lonely part of the world?

This summer BBC Select is bringing you a host of new shows, many premiering in the US and Canada. Exploring everything from art and travel to history and science, BBC Select is home to hundreds of hours of critically acclaimed titles and award-winning documentaries.

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12th July 2021


The Drop: 1 unique take, 5 documentaries. This week: The Body featuring Padma Lakshmi

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5th July 2021

BBC Select Coming Soon to Struum

BBC Select to join over 50 content owners on the new Streaming Platform, bringing programming across popular content categories.

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30th June 2021

The Black American Fight for Freedom - Now streaming on BBC Select

This new documentary examines key moments where America had the chance to correct racial inequality and questions why it didn’t happen.

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