Are you Team Believer or Team Sceptic? Danny Robins brings his hit BBC paranormal podcast to the screen, investigating stories of bizarre, unexplained happenings. Was a young girl visited by the apparition of an Edwardian school teacher? Were a teenage boy and his family subjected to a vicious poltergeist attack? And were students preyed upon by a malevolent force?
It’s about to get weird.

A Life In Ten Pictures: Tupac Shakur

Watch A Life In Ten Pictures: Tupac Shakur on BBC Select

Tupac Shakur was one of hip-hop’s most photographed figures and his image is known around the world.

This BBC Tupac Shakur documentary explores the rapper’s life through a collection of 10 iconic, candid and private photographs. With contributions from those who were there and those who knew Tupac best, could these photos uncover new truths about someone we think we already know?

Hans Zimmer: Hollywood Rebel

Hans Zimmer Hollywood Rebel

Across a glittering 40-year career, Hans Zimmer has redefined the movie score and become one of the most celebrated and sought-after composers in Hollywood. This documentary presents the story of the legendary composer, as told by the man himself and his closest collaborators. Hans reveals the musical secrets of his craft used to create the unforgettable soundtracks for films such as Gladiator, Inception, The Dark Knight, and Dune.

Louis Theroux Interviews... Yungblud

Louis Theroux Interviews... Yungblud

Louis Theroux meets singer and musician Yungblud, aka Dominic Harrison, often regarded as one of the UK music scene’s brightest stars. They discuss a range of topics, including the artist’s mental health, his sexuality and his response to outspoken critics. Louis also meets Yungblud’s most dedicated fans and spends time with the singer and his family, where they discuss his turbulent upbringing.

Louis Theroux Interviews... Dame Judi Dench

Louis Theroux Interviews... Dame Judi Dench

Having graced the stage and screen for over 60 years, including iconic turns as Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love and MI5 chief M in the James Bond films, Judi Dench is regarded as one of Britain’s greatest ever actors. Louis Theroux meets Oscar-winner Judi at her home for a candid and lively conversation about her long career, her passion for theatre and her life away from acting.