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BBC Select is a brand new streaming service featuring hundreds of critically-acclaimed documentaries. From politics and culture to history and travel, you’ll find many programs never seen before in the US and Canada.

The Russian Collection

Discover Russia’s culture, history and politics on BBC Select. This collection takes you back to 1917, to explore The Russian Revolution, then to the political power of Joseph Stalin during World War Two and concludes in the present day, where you can uncover the unique story of Russia’s current President, Vladimir Putin.

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The Drop is a bi-weekly, curated collection of five documentaries that offer different perspectives on a particular theme, as well as an exclusive thinkpiece from influential voices such as Malcolm Gladwell, Roxane Gay and Padma Lakshmi.

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As part of The Drop, BBC Select brings together experts and thinkers from around the world to give their Take on subjects that shape our world. Listen to these influential voices:

Alicia Garza looking into camera in front of a dark background

Alicia Garza

Principal at Black Futures Lab and Co-founder of The Black Lives Matter Global Network, Alicia empowers communities to be a force for change.

Roxane Gay looking into camera in front of a dark background

Roxane Gay

Multiple award-winning author and New York Times contributing writer, whose takes on identity and culture traverse literature, journalism and film.

Malcolm Gladwell looking into camera in front of a dark background

Malcolm Gladwell

Listed in the TIME 100 Most Influential People List and author of five international bestsellers, including global blockbusters Blink and Outliers.

Lionel Shriver looking into camera in front of a dark background

Lionel Shriver

Multi award-winning writer, journalist and author of critically-acclaimed We Need to Talk about Kevin, Shriver is unafraid to unpack all things taboo.

Karl Ove Knausgaard

Writer of the first ever debut novel to win the Norwegian Critics’ Prize, Karl’s merging of genres and philosophical insights have led to critical acclaim.

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi

Emmy-nominated food expert, producer, host, The New York Times best-selling author and civil rights activist; Padma is a true multi-hyphenate.

Ai Weiwei Select Takes

Ai Weiwei

Trailblazing cultural icon, Chinese architect and activist; Ai Weiwei’s multimedia artwork invites audiences to reflect upon societal issues in real time.

Elif Shafak

Multi-award winning British-Turkish novelist, fierce LGBTQ+ advocate and twice TED global speaker whose writing has been translated into 54 languages.

Chuck D looking into camera in front of a dark background

Chuck D

Grammy award-winning rapper, producer, author and lead voice of Public Enemy, who uses his life-long passion for hip-hop to dismantle inequalities.

Jamelle Bouie

New York Times opinion columnist, former political correspondent for Slate, and political analyst for CBS news who writes with an astute historical lens.

Caitlin Moran

Life-long columnist, interviewer and award-winning feminist author; Caitlin dismantles the patriarchy with her signature humor and heart.

Louis Theroux

Critically acclaimed broadcaster and filmmaker whose probing questions make for wildly unexpected documentaries, traversing all corners of society.