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Why don’t some Americans want to think of George Washington as a slave-owner – and was he? Activist & lawyer, Michael Coard tells Lucy Worsley what he thinks the truth could mean for both Washington’s – and America’s legacy.

Alternative facts aren’t new to American political history: they’re the making of it. The American Revolution; The Civil War; The American Dream: how many half-truths lie behind these moments and mottos that define America? British historian Lucy Worsley (chief curator of the Royal Palaces) digs deep into US past, to find the cynical motives, divisions and darkness that lies behind the legends.

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Alicia Garza looking into camera in front of a dark background

Alicia Garza

Principal at Black Futures Lab and Co-founder of The Black Lives Matter Global Network, Alicia empowers communities to be a force for change.

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Roxane Gay

Multiple award-winning author and New York Times contributing writer, whose takes on identity and culture traverse literature, journalism and film.

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Malcolm Gladwell

Listed in the TIME 100 Most Influential People List and author of five international bestsellers, including global blockbusters Blink and Outliers.