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BBC Select is showcasing the celebration as well as the history that kick-started Pride. A collection of Pride documentaries are available to stream that focus on a range of LGBT+ experiences, from festivals of sexuality in Stephen Fry: Out There to Hate and Pride in Orlando, where filmmaker Stacey Dooley confronts the ongoing reality of homophobic attacks. You can also stream All Man, in which self-proclaimed ‘cissy’ Grayson Perry pushes the boundaries on what makes masculinity. Delve into Pride and the past that led to this global movement.

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Stephen Fry

Traveling around the globe, Stephen Fry is on a mission to find out what it means to be gay in different corners of the world. In doing so, he considers how much has changed for him over the years and, sadly, how in some places change has been far more slow. While the UK and America have become more accepting, in certain countries being openly gay can mean imprisonment or even death.

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Stacey Dooley travels to Orlando in the aftermath of the 2016 Pulse Bar homophobic attack where 49 people were killed. Attending vigils, marches and funerals she tries to understand how America is responding to this atrocity and if this could be the one to finally make a difference. Was the shooter himself gay and did a conflict between religion and sexuality have a bearing on the crime?

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Young gay people in the UK are increasingly discovering the confidence to come out while still at school. In recent years there has been a revolution in social acceptance, but coming out while still a teen is always fraught with difficulties and dangers. This documentary follows five teenagers as they come out, capturing intimate first-hand experiences as they seek acceptance for their sexuality.

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Grayson Perry stands between two men

As a dress-wearing, ‘lifelong cissy’ artist, Grayson Perry is no stranger to the question of what a real man is – he’s spent his whole life messing with machismo. Now, from mixed martial-arts fighters to police, criminals and stockbrokers, Perry explores our ultra-masculine worlds, intent on proving his belief that men are a stranger and more interesting bunch than they let on.

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What it means to be a man or a woman is changing… if you need to be either. Genderquake is a unique social experiment where 11 strangers of different gender identities and sexualities spend a week together in a house. Emotional stories are shared, tensions rise, secrets spilled and tears shed. A much-needed exploration of identity, gender fluidity and trans experience by the people who live it.

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19th October 2021

Taboo Featuring Lionel Shriver

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4th October 2021

AI featuring Jamelle Bouie

Will robots rule the world? New York Times journalist Jamelle Bouie asks how we can guard against AI's perils to ensure we don't become enslaved by them.

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27th September 2021

The Battle for Britney: Exclusive Interview

Award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar speaks exclusively to BBC Select about the developments in Britney's court case since the documentary aired in April 2021.

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