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We can change our future, but first we need to understand our past. In the wake of  COP26, the 2021 Climate Change Summit BBC Select has created The Climate Collection. Watch BBC documentaries that explore the historical relationship between humans and the planet and explore what the relationship could look like in the future. Our collection of climate change documentaries takes a holistic approach with History of Mother Earth: Gaia Uncovered, a BBC Select exclusive documentary featuring acclaimed historian Bettany Hughes. Whilst Meat: A Threat to Our Planet, sees wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin investigate the pioneering developments of a more eco-friendly future for meat-lovers.

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Featured in The Climate Collection:

History of Mother Earth:
Gaia Uncovered

History of Mother Earth - Gaia Uncovered

What can the ancient world’s vision of the planet, such as the legend of powerful Greek Goddess Gaia, teach us? Acclaimed historian Bettany Hughes explores our relationship with Mother Earth in this fascinating documentary on BBC Select. Now, more than ever, our use and misuse of the planet is under scrutiny. Can the past hold the answers to how we can possibly have a future on the Earth?

Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline

CLimate Change - Ade on the Frontline

As the global climate crisis intensifies, former Paralympian Ade Adepitan travels the world to unearth solutions to our environmental problems, whether natural or technological. Different places face different challenges, from erosion to wildlife loss to unpredictable weather patterns, and one environmental disaster can create further issues elsewhere. But is there enough time to save the planet?

Nature and Us: History Through Art

Nature and Us - A History Through Art

In this groundbreaking arts documentary, BBC Select explores the often complex relationship that human beings have with the natural world. Taking a unique approach, Dr James Fox uses art as evidence of our developing attitudes towards nature across the globe and throughout history, from prehistory to the present. Can culture help to explain our evolving relationship with nature?

Meat: A Threat to Our Planet

Meat: A Threat to Our Planet?

Cows belching huge amounts of methane. Pig manure polluting the environment. Rain Forests cleared to rear cattle. It seems as if the production and consumption of meat is creating huge problems for the global environment. Liz Bonnin travels the planet on a mission to discover why these methods are so destructive and what can be done to fix the problem. Could synthetic meat be the answer?

The Last Igloo

The Last Igloo

This meditative film focuses on one man, Julius, who sets out from an Inuit settlement into the wilderness of Greenland to fish, hunt, and eventually build an igloo. It sounds like an idyllic existence. But the apparent simplicity of life in the arctic requires extraordinary expertise and skills that are dying out. The film captures a world that is, due to climate change, literally melting away.

Drowning in Plastic

Drowning in Plastic

Our blue planet is facing the biggest threat in human history. Trillions of pieces of plastic are choking the lifeblood of the earth and every marine animal, from the smallest plankton to the largest mammal, is being affected. Wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin visits scientists at the cutting edge of plastics research to uncover whether we can turn back the growing plastic tide before it’s too late.

Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency

Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency

BBC Select is taking you into the heart of a terrifying firestorm in this dramatic account of the battle to save Australia from the bushfires that ravaged the country. First-hand accounts from frontline firefighters reveal what it is like to take on a completely unpredictable enemy. Is this disaster a glimpse into a future world where temperatures have been allowed to rise to dangerous levels?

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