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BBC Select is the place to watch Lucy Worsley TV shows in the US and Canada. Join the British historian as she explores some of the biggest moments history such as World War II and the American War of Independence.

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A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley

Murder: why are we so fascinated by this grisly subject? This gripping Lucy Worsley show combines history and true crime and delves into some of the most notorious killings from the past and looks at the way they were reflected in the art and entertainment of the time. From Jack the Ripper to Agatha Christie, what does this murderous obsession tell us about the British psyche?

Watch A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley on BBC Select. Restrictions apply*.

Blitz Spirit with Lucy Worsley

This Lucy Worsley World War II documentary explores some of the myths surrounding The Blitz, one of the most devastating bombing campaigns, in this gripping World War 2 documentary. As Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed the city of London for many months,  the common perception is that Londoners displayed unwavering solidarity that got them through the rest of the war. But, as this Lucy Worsley BBC documentary explores, the truth was far more complicated.

Watch Blitz Spirt with Lucy Worsley on BBC Select today. Restrictions apply*.


Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley

Some women in Britain were given the right to vote in 1918. But the battle to reach that point was violent and vicious, as ordinary working-class people grew more radicalized in order to achieve their ends. In this vivid drama-documentary, Lucy Worsley re-creates pivotal moments in the struggle that resorted to arson and assault to ensure their voices were heard.

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American History’s Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley

Alternative facts aren’t new to American political history, they’re the making of it. The American Revolution, The Civil War, The American Dream. How many half-truths lie behind these moments and mottos that define America? In this US history documentary, Lucy Worsley explores America’s past to find the cynical motives, divisions and darkness that lies behind the legends.

Watch American History’s Biggest Fibs on BBC Select today. Restrictions apply*.

Mozart in London

Watch Mozart in London on BBC Select

Did you know that London was the city where the classical music genius Mozart composed his first ever symphony? Lucy Worsley traces the forgotten story of the young Mozart’s adventures in Georgian London in this enjoyable music and history documentary. Why was he there and why did his incredible achievements in London end in suspicion, intrigue and accusations of fraud?

16th March 2023

The Shamima Begum Story: The Girl Who Joined ISIS

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1st March 2023

The Women's History Collection

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27th February 2023

BBC Select Documentary to Stream in US Theaters

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