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Following on from Season 1, the BBC World War 2 documentary series now focuses on 1940, when Hitler’s plan for world domination appeared to be gaining momentum. Countries fell and enemies were vanquished with ease. But his decision to open an Eastern Front and attack Russia was the beginning of the end for the Nazis and the war. Rise of the Nazis 2 looks at the reasons why Germany’s plans were changed and the disastrous consequences of their actions.

Where to watch Rise of the Nazis Season 2?

Season Two of Rise of the Nazis is available to watch in the US and Canada on the following platforms. Try BBC Select today with a free trial:

Rise of the Nazis Season 1 is also available on BBC Select:

If you haven’t watched it, you can still catch up on Rise of the Nazis Season One with BBC Select.

Available on the following platforms with a free trial of BBC Select:

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