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Discover Russia’s history, politics and culture with our Russia documentaries on BBC Select. Stream shows that explore the Russian Revolution, the political power of Joseph Stalin during World War II and Vladimir Putin’s journey to the Kremlin and beyond.

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Putin: The New Tsar

This enthralling Russian politics documentary reveals the story of Vladimir Putin’s extraordinary rise to power. From a KGB colonel, to Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man and ultimately his successor. This Vladimir Putin documentary looks at Putin’s past and Putin’s influence today and features interviews with his inner circle, close friends and bitter enemies.

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Stalin: Inside the Terror

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Joseph Stalin emerged as the true victor of World War II. Once the treaties were signed, he gained a vast empire in the East. But this was not enough. Soon he began to exert a malign influence over Russia using suspicion, murder and terror. This intimate Joseph Stalin biography attempts to define the man behind the dictator, and tries to understand how a once principled Russian leader could transform into an evil despot.

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Putin: A Russian Spy Story

Stream Putin - A Russian Spy Story on BBC Select

A chance viewing of a Russian spy drama inspired young Vladimir to sign up to the KGB and model himself on the Russian James Bond. This Vladimir Putin biography explores Putin’s life story from street kid, to judo champion, to spy to Russian president. Featuring interviews with Putin’s inner circle, opponents and victims, this fascinating Russia political documentary explores how Putin’s past has shaped Russia today and could shape the world in the future.

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Russia 1917: Countdown to Revolution

Stream Russia 1917 - Countdown to Revolution on BBC Select

The names of Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky are infamous today. But in the space of a few mere months they went from obscure, slogan-shouting nobodies to supreme leaders of the largest nation on earth. This gripping Russian Revolution series explores a revolution soaked in blood, both during and then in the tragic aftermath. Discover more about Russian history and politics and see the story of how three men changed the world in such a short space of time.

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The Art of Russia

Watch Art of Russia on BBC Select

Russian art has always been preoccupied with icons. In this eye-opening three part documentary series, art expert Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the history of Russian art. He begins with the ‘great age of the icon’ from Our Lady of Vladimir to the masterpieces of icon painter Andrei Rublev, through to the great portraits of Stalin and today’s noble sculptures of Putin. Stream this acclaimed Russian art documentary series for an extraordinary portrait of a Russian art scene in constant revolution.

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