After Braveheart

After Braveheart

Ever wondered what happened after the epic events seen in Mel Gibson’s classic film Braveheart? This exciting docudrama reveals the untold story of how a Scottish army tried to drive the English out of Ireland 700 years ago. Narrated by Succession’s Brian Cox, the harsh and violent medieval world is brought to life. This is the story of a forgotten war that could have changed history.

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Episode 1: War of the Three Kings
After his victory at Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce hatched a truly audacious plan.

Robert the Bruce’s victory over the English at Bannockburn in 1314, as portrayed in the movie Braveheart, did not put an end to Scotland’s fight for independence. Narrated by Brian Cox, this innovative drama-documentary illustrates how King Robert knew that his crown was not secure, and so decided to open a ‘second front’ and invade English occupied Ireland. It was an audacious, dangerous plan.

Episode 2: Defeat and Destruction
If Robert the Bruce had won his Irish war, British history could have been very different.

It’s one of the great historical ‘what ifs’. If the Scots and Irish had succeeded in driving the English out of Ireland, they would have established a powerful Celtic alliance and England may never have become a dominant power. But, as this Brian Cox narrated drama-documentary reveals, the legacy of their failure lives on today. Scotland is under British rule and Ireland remains a divided country.

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