Ancient Worlds

From the creation of the first cities in Mesopotamia to the fall of the Roman Empire, this epic six-part BBC history documentary series explores the birth of civilization and the development of humanity. Your guide is archaeologist Richard Miles, who investigates how the development of religion, power and society made us human. What lessons can we learn from our ancient forefathers about how to live our lives today?

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Ancient Worlds on BBC Select

Episode 1 – Come Together
Richard Miles traces the roots of civilisation in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Anatolia and Greece.

Episode 2 – The Age of Iron
Looking at the survivors of the great Bronze Age collapse.

Episode 3 – The Greek Thing
Explore the power and the paradox of the ‘Greek Thing’.

Episode 4 – Return of the King
Examining the life and career of Alexander the Great.

Episode 5 – The Republic of Virtue
The phenomenon of the Roman Republic.

Episode 6 – City of Man, City of God
The rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

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