The Assassination of JFK

It was a crime that shocked, and changed, a nation. This gripping documentary looks at the fateful events of November 22nd, 1963, as President John F Kennedy was murdered. Uniquely told from three different perspectives, it examines the movements of Kennedy’s head of security Roy Kellerman, assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the moments before the shooting.

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The Assassination of JFK on BBC Select

Ep 1: The Build Up
A forensic dissection of the lead up to and aftermath of John F Kennedy’s assassination.

The days, hours, and minutes leading up to and immediately following the assassination of John F Kennedy are forensically explored. For the first time, this enthralling true crime documentary delves into the parallel timelines of head of security Roy Kellerman, the mysterious potential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, and the iconic First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Can new information be uncovered?

EP 2: The Aftermath
The President is murdered before thousands of witnesses, leading to endless speculation.

President John F Kennedy is murdered in front of thousands of witnesses. As this intriguing true crime documentary reports, this leads to endless speculation as to the circumstances of the crime. Despite the killer being caught, it’s still considered by many to be one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time. What are the true facts behind the case and has there been a cover-up?

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