D-Day: Last Words

D-Day: Last Words

June 6th, 1944. Canada, Britain and the US storm the Normandy coast to try and wrestle back Europe from Germany and Nazi control. The soldiers called it The Longest Day. It’s better known as D-Day. This unflinching documentary tells the story of the historic World War II battle through the dramatic recollections of those veterans caught up in the action, sharing stories never heard before.

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Episode 1: The Battle Begins
An audacious plan to thwart Hitler’s ambitions is launched on the beaches of Normandy.

In 1944, Nazi Germany controlled most of Europe. The world was on a knife-edge. The Allies needed to engage in one dramatic action to thwart Hitler’s ambitions and win World War II. This fascinating history documentary gives a 360-degree view of the D-Day invasion, hearing from veterans including a British sailor, plus Canadian, American and French resistance fighters and German defenders.

Episode 2: Victory in Sight
The last surviving veterans who were on the beaches of Normandy recount that fateful day.

June 1944 and allied forces unleash an audacious plan to defeat Hitler’s army. This unflinching history documentary plunges into the heat of battle using newly discovered footage and dramatic reconstructions of the D-Day landings. Moving interviews with the last surviving veterans who were on the beaches of Normandy fighting the Nazis on that fateful day give an eye-witness account of the battle.

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