Iceland With Alexander Armstrong

Iceland’s unique isolated position has created an equally individual culture. Actor and presenter Alexander Armstrong sets out on the adventure of a lifetime in the Land of Ice and Fire. He soon finds that there’s more to Iceland than just Vikings and violently erupting volcanoes. Traversing the full breadth of the country he discovers a land of geysers, very expensive beer and even rotten shark.

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Iceland With Alexander Armstrong on BBC Select

EP 1: Reykjavik
Get ready for a dramatic volcanic eruption followed by a trip to the Penis Museum! Iceland, and its capital Reykjavik is filled with wonders of both a natural, and a slightly more bizarre persuasion. Alexander Armstrong daringly hovers over a volcanic eruption in a helicopter before learning more about these deadly emissions. He then finds out about the Icelandic belief in elves, meets an Icelandic rock band and then takes a trip to the legendary Penis Museum.

EP 2: The North
Rotten shark is on the menu as Alexander Armstrong continues his journey around Iceland. Northern Iceland and the port of Husavik is beloved of whale watchers and Will Ferrell fans (as it’s the locale of his film Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga). In this laid-back town, Alexander Armstrong meets, and eats, a huge Greenland shark, considered one of the world’s most disgusting food dishes. He also tries to knit, plays golf at midnight, and learns to ride an Icelandic horse.

Ep 3: The South
Get ready to revel in the glory of southern Iceland’s spectacular natural wonders. In a land of natural wonders, the south of Iceland contains some of the country’s most spectacular, breathtaking scenery. On the last leg of his adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice, Alexander Armstrong heads south and visits a worryingly thinning glacier, takes a trip to an island nearly destroyed by volcano, walks on a dangerous beach before spending the night in a capsule hotel.

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