Moors Murders

It was a crime that stunned a nation. Britain’s most infamous serial killers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, tortured and murdered a number of children in the 1960s. This true crime documentary uses never-before-seen prison letters from Brady and Hindley to provide a new insight on the killings and the killers. The series asks how this couple could commit such evil acts.

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Moors Murders on BBC Select

Ep 1: The Witness
Myra Hindley’s teen brother-in-law gives an eyewitness account of the notorious killers.

When Myra Hindley’s teen brother-in-law, David Smith, can alerted the police and brought the Moors Murders to an end, the full story that emerged stunned the whole country. This true crime documentary uses eyewitness accounts to try and understand the killers’ motivations. Letters from prison pen-pals and the insight of a journalist who met the murderers provides a glimpse of their characters.

Ep 2: The Lost Letters
Exclusive access to unseen prison letters provides new insight into the killers’ minds.

After the arrest of Ian Brady, police discovered a tape-recording of a ten-year-old girl being tortured. They now realized they were investigating a string of child murders. Eyewitness Clive Entwistle describes the first police searches as the remains of the girl on the tape were found. As this true crime documentary reveals, the full horror of the case would soon be made clear.

Ep 3: The Trial
A sensational, horrifying court case finally seals the fate of the two child killers.

When killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were sensationally brought to face justice in 1966, the nation watched on horrified. This gripping true crime documentary reveals the tension in court when the tape of a little girl being tortured was played, sealing the murderers’ fates. The prison after-life of Myra Hindley, including lesbian love affairs and farcical prison escapes, is also investigated.

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