Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley

Lady Killers With Lucy Worsley is the smash hit historical true-crime podcast, now appearing for the first time as a video podcast on BBC Select. Join Lucy and a team of female detectives investigating ordinary lives, and extraordinary crimes, of women from the past using a contemporary feminist perspective. This series includes Mary Surratt, accused of conspiring to assassinate a US President.

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Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley on BBC Select

Episode 1: Maria Manning – ‘Lady Macbeth of Bermondsey’
Lucy Worsley meets the woman at the center of a murderous Victorian love triangle.

Lucy Worsley investigates the crimes of Maria Manning, the ‘Lady Macbeth of Bermondsey’, who in 1849, scandalized Victorian London. Maria was accused of conspiring with her husband to kill her lover and steal the dead man’s money before going on the run. Lucy is joined by literary superstar Kate Mosse and historian Professor Rosalind Crone to untangle this remarkable story.

Episode 2: Marie Christensen – Murderous Matron
Lucy Worsley investigates a brutal crime committed in Australia by a ‘Murderous Matron’.

Human Rights Activist Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts joins Lucy Worsley to uncover the 1896 murder of a First Nations child and highlights the ongoing trauma and impact of Australia’s Stolen Generations. Professor Rosalind Crone travels to Australia’s east coast to find out more about six-year-old ‘Cassey’ and her tragic death at the hands of a Mission School’s matron Marie Christensen.

Episode 3: Jane & Ann Boyd – Secret Baby
Lucy Worsley uncovers a case of infanticide in the north of Ireland during the 1860s.

Lucy Worsley uncovers a case of infanticide in 1860s Belfast involving a mother and daughter with a big secret. 19-year-old Ann Boyd was unmarried and in labor with a mother who would do anything to keep it secret. Discussing the case is Lady Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, Dame Siobhan Keegan while historian Professor Rosalind Crone travels to Ireland to learn more.

Episode 4: Frances Kidder – Wicked Stepmother
Lucy Worsley uncovers the case of a stepmother accused of drowning her stepdaughter.

In August 1867, Frances Kidder took her 11-year-old stepdaughter Louisa for a walk across lonely wetlands. The child
was later found dead. Lucy Worsley and historian Professor Rosalind Crone visit the scene of the crime in Kent to find out more and are joined by Dr Gwen Adshead, a renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist at the notorious Broadmoor Hospital to discuss the case.

Episode 5: Mary Surratt – Assassinating a President
Lucy Worsley tells the story of a woman accused of plotting to murder a president.

Lucy Worsley uncovers the story of Mary Surratt, a pious widow and mother, who faced a death sentence for conspiring to murder President Abraham Lincoln. Lucy is joined by Evy Poumpouras, former special agent with the Secret Service, who protected five US presidents while Dr. Nikki M Taylor, Professor of History at Howard University, travels to Ford’s Theatre and the Surratt House Museum.

Episode 6: Sarah Bird – Cruel Employer
Lucy Worsley investigates the brutal death of a teenage girl on a remote Devon farm.

Lucy Worsley travels to Devon, to investigate the death of a young servant girl on a remote farm. She is joined by guest detective Baroness Helena Kennedy, a leading barrister and human rights expert plus Professor Rosalind Crone from the Open University. They discuss whether Sarah Bird, a young farmer’s wife and the mother of four children could really be capable of this brutal murder?

Episode 7: Alice Mitchell – Forbidden Love
Lucy Worsley uncovers the story of queer teenage love gone horribly wrong.

Lucy Worsley uncovers the story of Alice Mitchell who in 1892 killed her former girlfriend, 17-year-old Freda Ward, in Memphis after a stormy and illicit relationship. Lucy is joined by Cameron Esposito, stand-up comic, actor, author and host of the hit Queery podcast and author and historian Alexis Coe. They discuss the case and what it tells us about LGBTQ+ women’s lives then and now.

Episode 8: Mary Ann Brough – Mother With Everything to Lose
Lucy Worsley investigates a mother who does the unthinkable to her children.

Lucy Worsley investigates the case of Mary Ann Brough who in 1854 commits a desperate and drastic crime while trying to secure custody of her children. Lucy is joined by Alexandra Wilson, a barrister specializing in criminal and family law. Alongside Professor Rosalind Crone, Lucy visits the Surrey village Mary Ann lived in and wonders if custody disputes have really changed?

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