Becoming Frida Kahlo

becoming frida kahlo

There are many myths that surround the passionate, radical Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, the most famous female artist of the 20th century. This compelling art documentary attempts to set the record straight. It reveals how politics, love and art shaped Frida as an individual and as an artist. And it shows how she ultimately strived to be free from the control and influence of men.

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Episode 1: Tragedy Strikes
When an accident changes Frida’s life, she channels pain and heartache into painting.

Frida Kahlo was a rebel from the outset, challenging norms from an early age. As a young woman, she met Diego Rivera, a superstar artist who would go on to change her. But a tragic accident thwarted Frida’s plans. Left facing a life of pain and injury, she channeled this tragedy and used it as the catalyst for her artistic career.

Episode 2: Travel and Turmoil
Now married and living in 1930s America, Frida witnesses the ugly side of capitalism.

Frida Kahlo traveled to America alongside her lover Diego Rivera, who’d been commissioned to produce an important mural. But Frida was determined to succeed in her own right. She was shocked by the vast gap between rich and poor in America. Then after losing a child to miscarriage and her mother to illness, she produced some of her most visceral and devastating works.

Episode 3: The Final Years
Dangerous politics and turbulent love distort and devastate Frida Kahlo’s world.

After a short affair with Leon Trotsky, Frida finally achieved her own solo exhibition in Europe. But all does not go according to plan. She learns that husband Diego Rivera wants a divorce. Pouring her pain into her work, she creates her masterpiece: The Two Fridas. Her last years are spent in agony, while creating some of her most enduring images.

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