Putin Vs The West: The Next Chapter

Putin Vs The West: The Next Chapter

Award-winning filmmaker Norma Percy returns with the critically acclaimed documentary Putin vs the West which tells the inside story of the year that followed Russia’s incursion, and how it rocked the foundations of European security. Told by the leaders making the critical decisions, cracks in the global order are revealed as the resolve of Ukraine and its allies is tested like never before.

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Episode 1: Invasion
As Putin’s invasion of Ukraine stuns the world, leaders try to find an adequate response.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine stuns the world. Soon, world leaders are scrambling to make an adequate response. Too little will seem weak. Too much could trigger World War III. This current affairs documentary goes behind the scenes and talks to the world leaders reacting to Russia’s actions. A few months into the war, the West is delivering more weapons to Ukraine, but Putin only looks to be digging in.

Episode 2: Doubling Down
With Russia and Ukraine at loggerheads, a real danger of nuclear war looms in Europe.

The impact of Putin’s war in Ukraine is felt across the globe. On the ground, the fighting becomes more deadly. In this
remarkable documentary, those leaders trying to arm Ukraine, while secretly negotiating with Russia, tell their story. A year into the war, Ukraine and Russia remain at loggerheads, the prospect of peace remains out of reach and the nuclear rhetoric grows in intensity.

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